How it works

Uniquely developed to make business routines less complicated
to setup and more straightforward to run.


Set your routes

Autopilot comes with preset processes so you can get standard business, admin and service routines off the ground fast. Built in guidance and expertise will help your company cover things you didn’t even know it needed to do, so Autopilot has you heading in the right direction from the start.

Preset workflow forms and process flows

Get everyone onboard

Built-in features help you setup your team, get everyone onboard and drive them to adopt a better way of working. Swiftly invite users to participate in processes and contribute with role-based levels of security and visibility.

Role based levels of security

Enjoy the flight

Designed to bring together the data, documents, discussion, and decisions. Autopilot streamlines communication, capturing and collaboration to make getting from point A to B to C a smoother journey. Everything related to a request is recorded and referenced in one place. Sit back and trust that everyone knows what to do and have the tools to do it with clarity and consistency.

Easily work together on workflows

Arrive on time

Centralised management and monitoring of all your business procedures gives you a birds-eye view of progress and performance. Dashboards, activity logs and performance reports give you everything you need to identify what's going on, take action to get things back on course if necessary, or reveal patterns so you can decide how to improve the way you’re operating.

Manage on monitor workflows in one place


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