Are you treating your suppliers the way you would like to be treated?

Manage supplier take-on and invoice payments better with Autopilot

Autopilot enables you to keep up with your suppliers and get back to them on time, enabling everyone involved to provide the service they want to deliver.

Document approval workflow form


"Ensuring that all project related purchases are approved by the correct people on our team is vital to ensure our profitability."
Lynda Hunter, pilotfish digital

Common supplier related workflows we automate:

  • Finance
    Supplier Invoice Approval and Payment
  • Finance
    Purchase Requisition Request
  • Operations
    New Supplier Take-on Request
    or we can set up and automate your own!


Why should your business automate your supplier processes?


  • Employees can easily submit requests from anywhere, using any device, even directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • After requests has been submitted it gets streamlined into a process that can be tracked by the employee themself.


  • Managers can approve requests using any email client.
  • requests can be sent back if a manager needs to request a change or needs clarification.
  • Approvals are done in a secure and transparent way.


  • The request is assigned directly to the person responsible for making the purchase or generating the purchase order. No more late orders due to lack of communication.
  • The full history of the request, including any discussion is available in one place. Which is valuable to any business when tracking financials.


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