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to ensure requests are processed consistently

Autopilot allows companies to streamline internal processes, from start to finish.
Our features are aimed to ensure a better experience for everyone, from your clients to your staff and suppliers.

Start workflow requests from anywhere

Web based

Embed forms directly in your website to streamline processes such as new leads or customer complaints.

MS Outlook

Use Autopilot's MS Outlook add-in to start workflows without having to leave MS Outlook.


Integrate your existing systems with Autopilot using the Autopilot API.


Start a workflow by simply forwarding an email to Autopilot.

Allow external parties to participate in your processes

Online application forms

Web based application forms allow external parties to submit applications online.

Collect data and documents

Information request forms allow for the collection of data and documents from external parties such as your clients and suppliers.

Create cohesive solutions by integrating your current systems

Whether you need to automate the archiving of documents in SharePoint or the creation of invoices in Xero, Autopilot has your integration needs covered.

Integrate into various systems

Stay productive while out of the office

Email approvals

Allow users to approve requests directly from any email client instead of having to wait to return to the office.

Monitor requests

Keep your finger on the pulse on what is happening at the office by easily monitoring and collaborating on requests.

Delegate tasks

Delegate tasks when you go on leave to ensure business can continue as usual while you are away.

Find everything for a request in one place

No more hunting for files via Recent Documents, piecing together what was discussed from your inbox and trawling through shared folders for supporting policies or assets. Everything related to a request is recorded and referenced in one place.

Form and workflow data

Empower your staff

Autopilot specifically brings guidance to the fore and enables you to highlight your process instructions, policies and support channels to help people act with clarity and confidence.

Easily guide users through tasks

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